• Prologis is committed to sustainable
    travel planning across our portfolio.

Green Travel Plan

How it works

Joining in

New users register to the scheme by providing some basic information needed to help them find a suitable match. Once registered they can add a journey by inputting a start and destination location. Users can say whether they are seeking a lift, offering a lift, or willing to share (or want to share a taxi, cycling or walking journey), and how often they wish to make the journey. An interactive map will appear so that they can preview the route and add via points if required. The user will also be asked how they would normally make this journey which enables their employer to track modal shift.

Once a user has posted their journey they are ready to start searching for matches. There is an interactive mapping facility so the user can clearly see other members journeys and routes compared to theirs. The most appropriate matches will be listed, with those members' basic details and the opportunity to find out more and to contact them.

Members are also asked to complete a quick and simple travel survey to help their employers monitor their staff's travel behaviour and modal shift over time.

See the results

Clients have access to the back-end Monitoring Pages, enabling them to see statistics specific to their scheme, downloadable reports, member details and access the latest marketing tips and advice.

Statistics include a breakdown of the group's savings: CO2, money and miles (Individual members can see their own savings within their personal account).

Clients can tell at a glance how many new members have signed-up on a daily, monthly and yearly basis and view interactive heat maps which show the concentration of members and journeys.

Voucher reward scheme

Prologis will hold an annual prize giving ceremony at each of the Prologis sites. The members who have posted the most journeys within the given year will be entered into a prize draw, two members will be picked at random to win some vouchers up to the value of £50 each. A further two vouchers will be issued at random to all members registered to the scheme.

Find Out More

What are the benefits of travelling together?

  • Saves you money - travelling with others enables you to reduce your transport costs by up to £1000 a year
  • Reduces the number of cars on the roads - resulting in less congestion, less pollution and fewer parking problems
  • Provides a real solution to the transport problems of rural areas
  • Gives employees and employers more transport options
  • Reduces the need for a private car