• Prologis is committed to conservation and is a corporate member of the Wildlife Trust. The preparation of the site has required re-housing and relocating various species as part of a comprehensive Ecological Management Plan.

    This Is Conservation

Ecological Initiatives

Lilbourne Meadows

Part of the development is the creation of Lilbourne Meadows, which extends to 193 acres to the north of the site and will accommodate relocated ecology/wildlife and new additions including rare livestock breeds.

More information is available in Chapter 6 of The Design Guide

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Landscaping and green infrastructure

Green infrastructure at DIRFT consists of a network of multifunctional open spaces, including nature reserve, woodlands, waterways, green corridors, bridleways, cycle and footpath routes and street trees.

More information is available in Chapter 6 of The Design Guide

Managing the landscape with rare breed sheep

Spring has arrived at Prologis RFI DIRFT and the lambing season is underway. Earlier this year, the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire brought a flock of rare breed sheep to Lilbourne Meadows, the 193 acre nature reserve we are creating as part of the DIRFT site. Now, under the WTBCN’s expert eye, the flock is settling into its new home and our first lambs have been born.

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Building a Bat House: Wildlife habitat enhancement at DIRFT

In the middle of the grassland that will become Lilbourne Meadows to the north of Prologis RFI DIRFT, sits a small, square, windowless house. Although it looks like a gingerbread house straight out of a fairytale, this mysterious little building is in fact, a specially designed bat house.

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Lilbourne Meadows: A living landscape

Designed primarily as an ecological mitigation area, which will also help to screen Lilbourne village from the DIRFT expansion, Lilbourne Meadows gives us the opportunity to create a landscape that will enhance the biodiversity of the area and bring lasting benefit to the local community.

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Bee Happy: Making a new bee-friendly habitat at DIRFT

Although Prologis is known for developing sustainable industrial and logistics buildings, we had never made special provision for bees until we started to design the landscaping around the new Sainsbury’s distribution hub at DIRFT.

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